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Hi there, welcome.

We are living in historic times now. Nobody knows precisely how it will play out yet. There is a lot fear and uncertainty.

We are a couple of geeks who wanted to build a useful tool and we have tried to deliver on that. We wanted to use our skills to try and help out.

The system is based on open-source software, * Discourse * Hugo * Wordpress

The data we collect in the forums is available to anyone who can reach it. If it does become popular we will try to make it easily accessible as a single download.

We try to preserve everyone’s privacy to the best of our abilities, but we are using managed hosting, and that limits the scope of what we can change a little. But we do our best :) And with help, we will make it even better.

We do not feel that the system is in any way done yet. It needs a lot of polish.

On the other hand, we can iterate on it for months before we would ever think that, and by that time, the tool might be less useful.

We decided to allow people to start using it and iterate quickly with the feedback that we get to make it better for everyone.

We hope that it will become popular and people will use it.

We have no advertising dollars to spend and are fully financing it by ourselves for now.

We will never have any ads here.

So dear visitor, if you like anything you see, tell us that.

  • If you find things you do not like,tell us about that, and we will try to make it better

  • If you can help us spread the word about our project, that is awesome. (Please do.)

  • If you would like to volunteer, that is super awesome. We really need help. Let us know here. If you know anything about:

    • Graphics
    • Branding
    • Languages
    • Ux
    • Web development
    • Medical terms and symptoms
    • Running online communities
    • Promoting online communities
    • How to spot spam and make it go away
    • Or pretty much anything else :)
    • SIGN UP

If you, or someone you know has fallen ill we hope for a quick and full recovery. We would be thankful if you filled out an entry about how you are, how the disease felt and hopefully about your recovery here

We try to be open for all languages and countries.
Just please use the tags to tell us the language and country. (We really need help translating )

You can reach us by email at: